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The company has a set of rigorous quality control system, the strict process management penetrates into each link of production. Do program review, prototype review, safety review based on the quality principle to export high-quality products for customers.
  • Scheme evaluation

    Experts and special assessors are the main constitution in program reviewing. The original design concept, design requirements, design offset etc will be evaluated. Designation, function, variety, coverage, switch and other aspects should be deeply considered to strictly control the quality of the production.
  • Sample review

    To ensure the reliability and improvement measures of the sample machine, a necessary reviewing is needed. The appearance, assembly process, quality, safety requirements, production standard and performance index will be reviewed.
  • Safety review

    Safety review is a strict control valve before delivery, and the comprehensive review of safety indicators for operation process, electricity safety, protection system etc will make you feel comfortable, at ease.
Except for the process management, the company also selects the best products from the product components, processing, assembly and performance tests to ensure the final product quality.
  • Optimize the key components

    To ensure electrical reliability, the key components of products are imported from German, Japan and America. Following the traditional sub-factory construction of Gree, Gree Intelligent Equipment checks and confirms the quality of the purchased standard components and processing parts. When the suppliers provide materials, sampling survey is a way to check the quality and make the final decision---- accept or reject.
  • Precision machining

    The high-end precision machining center supports the high precision and high quality of mechanical parts.
  • Precision assembly

    Advanced technicians with rich experience are assembling the body to ensure the matching and assembly accuracy of mechanical parts.
  • Performance test

    Internal equipment acceptance criteria are made and tested continuously for a long time.In addition,with the excellent reliability platform, Gree Intelligent Equiment can carry out reliability experiments under various working conditions, inluding some more demanding experimental environmentin the condition of non GB to ensure the reliability of product cycle.
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