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  • 2018
    In October 2018, President Xi Jinping visited Gree Electric Appliances.
    The annual production and sales volume exceeded USD435 million, with 46.19% growth. Among them, the high-performance servo motors and drives for industrial robots reached the international leading level.
  • 2017
    It won the title of “Present Unit” of Zhuhai Innovation Research Institute.
    The main factory with annual capacity of 5000 robots was put into production
    Creation changes the future” The global launch of Gree Intelligent Equipment was successfully held at BBS
    Awarded the title of "Top ten patent enterprise of Zhuhai" in 2016
  • 2016
    Awarded the title of "Technology innovation alliance member of Guangdong light alloy industry"
    The appearance of Gree Intelligent Equipment at the second Trade Fair for advanced equipment manufacturing held in the west bank of Pearl River
    ISO9001:2008 Certification
    Awarded the title of "Engineering research centre" of Guangdong Technology and industry Information Bureau
    Awarded the title of "Key enterprise of Guangdong industrial robot" of Guangdong Economic and Information Commission
    Wuhan intelligent equipment production base started and put into production in 2018
  • 2015
    The first self-built robot punch line project was put into production
    The first automatic assembly line of AC electrical box was developed successfully
    The first no shrinking expansion pipe machine was developed successfully
    The 100th 6-axis industrial robot with eight-kilogram is offline
    Automatic production of the first AC pump
    The first CNC machine tool was developed successfully
    Zhuhai Gree Electric Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd was established
    Total production and sales volume exceeded over RMB 800 million.
  • 2014
    Production sales reached RMB 100 million
    The second phase of job shop was completed in Jida base
    Nanshui production base was completed
  • 2013
    The predecessor of Zhuhai Gree Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd--Automation Equipment producer was established
    The first CNC five-axis manipulator GM1400 was developed successfully
    The first six-axis industrial robot GREE BABY was developed successfully
    The first AGV was was developed successfully
    Completed the first automation production model factory of injection molding
    The first phase of robot factory was completed in Jida base
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